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Use GNU-Make as a Task Runner

Need a simple task runner without the hassle of installing dependencies?

VirtualBox Host-Only Adapter Error With Windows 10

Upgrading Windows sometimes screws up VirtualBox network configuration. Here's how I fixed it.

Mount a Raw Hard Drive in VirtualBox

Need to salvage a hard-drive that's going bad?

Get email Notifications From an HP Smart Array Raid Controller on Ubuntu

I wanted to get notified about the status of my raid array, so I...

Dollar signs on POST on nVidia 8800gt and the Bake Fix

My awesome nvidia 8800gt video card was dying, I prolonged its life!

Subversion: Creating a repository with externals - Step By Step

An example of setting up a subversion repository from command line.

$(document).ready(function(){...}) vs $(function() {...}) -- What's the diff?

What is the difference anyway? Why use one over the other?

Dynamic Input Boxes with Zend Framework 1.12

I had a need to dynamic add an unknown number of inputs to a form.

mfehidk.sys BSOD on Startup - Solved

Booting up to a mfehidk.sys blue-screen-of-death? Well, that's just great...

EFF Updates HTTPS Everywhere Extension

Electronic Freedom Frontier is looking out for us again.