VirtualBox Host-Only Adapter Error With Windows 10

After upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7, I ran into an issue with VirtualBox (version 5.0.0r101573) and my virtual machines. None of them would boot up. After looking in the VirtualBox preferences (not Settings for each VM), I discovered my host-only adapters were completely gone. Figuring the upgrade removed these drivers from the system, I would simply add them back and move along. No big deal, right? Wrong.

When I attempted to add a new host-only adapter, VirtualBox gave me the error:

Failed to create the host network interface.

Mount a Raw Hard Drive in VirtualBox

Recently, I had a hard drive start to go bad and Windows couldn't read some of the data on it. So, I wanted to mount the raw drive (750GB) connected via USB 3.0 to a virtual machine in VirtualBox to run some linux disk utilities on the drive. There were plenty of tutorials and instructions scattered across the web that I found to do this.

Get email Notifications From an HP Smart Array Raid Controller on Ubuntu

I have an older HP Proliant server with Ubunut 14.04 installed. I switched from using mdadm to the onboard P400 Smart Array Controller for my raid setup. I needed a way to get notifications out whenever drive failure occurs. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then this is what you do:

Dollar signs on POST on nVidia 8800gt and the Bake Fix

Recently my video card started acting strangely. It all started suddenly when my screen went black but the monitor had not shut off. I few minutes later it came back on at a much lower resolution than my native 1920x1080. So, I rebooted. That's when I saw dollar signs ($) all over the POST screen. I didn't know what was causing this or why. I began to search the webs.

Subversion: Creating a repository with externals - Step By Step

subersion logo

This is an example of setting up a subversion repository from command line. I will assume you have already installed subversion on your machine. I am using Ubuntu Server 12.04.

Reading through various web resources on the subject can get confusing when you're new to subversion. This step-by-step tutorial will show how I managed to set up a new repository with the branches, tags, and trunk directories; imported the first files and then included an external repository within my project.

$(document).ready(function(){...}) vs $(function() {...}) -- What's the diff?

I’ve been exposed to the “new” way of doing the common jquery statement:

//we all have done or do this:
$(document).ready(function {…} );

//the “new” way

So what’s the difference!?

After a little research, this is what I’ve found:

Essentially there is no difference between the two statement. The latter is just a shortcut for the first. To me, the first is a little more intuitive. When passing an anonymous function to jQuery, it will wait for the document to be ready anyway. So, both statements are

Dynamic Input Boxes with Zend Framework 1.12

I recently ran into a scenario where I needed to have the ability to use a dynamically created number of text inputs on a Zend Framework Form. My form will be used to ship an unknown number of packages. The user will enter the weight for each package in its own input element on the form. If the user needs another package, the user will click "Add Package" until the shipment is done and ready to be processed. In the end, we may have a shipment with one package, or a shipment with ten, we just dont know. Here's how I did it:

mfehidk.sys BSOD on Startup - Solved

mfehidk.sys is a McAfee service file and can sometime create problems. I was experiencing a BSOD on every boot even in safe-mode. The stop code was 0x0000003B. No matter what I tried, I could not start the system. Scouring the internet didn't prove very helpful so I decided to remove the file and viola, it worked -- breifly. More on that later.

To fix this Blue Screen you must remove the file mfehidk.sys and here is how I did it:

EFF Updates HTTPS Everywhere Extension

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) released a new version of its HTTPS Everywhere browser extension for the Firefox web browser.

Lenovo's Windows 8 tablet debut priced at $799, includes keyboard

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2:

Quick Specs:

  • 10.1 inch screen size
  • 1366x768 display
  • 10 hour battery life
  • Full version of Microsoft Office 2013 included
  • Keyboard dock

This tablet is targeted more towards enterprise users rather than consumers.


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