My Trials of Windows 8 & the New Metro Start Screen

I have recently taken a tour of the Developer Preview of Windows 8. All in all, the experience was familiar to Windows 7. The biggest (and currently hotly debated) addition is the new Metro Start Screen. For those of you whom don't know, it is essentially a new start menu. Instead of seeing a menu popup near the start orb, you now are greeted with a full screen app launching platform. In many aspects, it's very similar to the Wii menu. Quite a change, but I could find myself getting used to it.
It seems MS is now defending the metro start screen, especially in cases from keyboard/mice users. Why couldn't MS combine the current task bar with a metro style. No, I'm not smoking anything...just hear me out...
Imagine combining the current task bar (start button, notification area, 'n' all) with metro. Then, when you click a blank area of the task bar, the bar slides up (maybe covering 2/3rds of the screen) and what is revealed is this new Metro Start Screen in the newly revealed area. Where it would perform in the same manner it does now. This would resolve the issue with many customers complaining about "losing the familiarity of the start menu" because it would still be there. Perhaps this will only be useful for users with keyboard and mouse (hmmm.. still the overwhelmingly majority of users, I think).... but in the very least this could serve as a 'transitional phase' to gradually get everyone accustomed to the new Metro Start Screen.
Also, during my trials, I found: Switching between apps and trying to close them completely (unload them from memory) wasn't as straight forward and clear-cut as it could be. Often when I thought I closed a program, I instead just minimized it.Overall, I had a pleasant experience with 8, and I could find myself easily using the new metro (as long as all the bugs mentioned in the c|net article are fixed too!)
As it stands, I am eagerly anticipating the release of Windows 8!

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