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Dollar signs on POST on nVidia 8800gt and the Bake Fix

Recently my video card started acting strangely. It all started suddenly when my screen went black but the monitor had not shut off. I few minutes later it came back on at a much lower resolution than my native 1920x1080. So, I rebooted. That's when I saw dollar signs ($) all over the POST screen. I didn't know what was causing this or why. I began to search the webs.

Time For a New Video Card [UPDATED]

Recently I built a new computer. This monster rig sports a core-i7 and 16GB ram along the rest of the offerings you would expect from a moderately priced self build. At that time (months ago), I decided to skip on a new video card. My reasoning behind this was pretty simple and practical. My 8800GT still worked great! Besides, my days of hardcore gaming were a thing of the past.

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