hard drive

Mount a Raw Hard Drive in VirtualBox

Recently, I had a hard drive start to go bad and Windows couldn't read some of the data on it. So, I wanted to mount the raw drive (750GB) connected via USB 3.0 to a virtual machine in VirtualBox to run some linux disk utilities on the drive. There were plenty of tutorials and instructions scattered across the web that I found to do this.

Seagate's Buyout of Samsung's HDD Business - Completed

At a cost of $1.4 Billion, Seagate completed its purchase of Samsung's hard disk drive division. Samsung has sold its hard drive assets including infrastructure and employees to Seagate. Back in 2005, Seagate bought Maxtor for $1.9 Billion dollars. While the Maxtor purchase wasn't wildly successful it did not stop Seagate from the Samsung HDD purchase. Seagate release a press announcement on the matter,

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