For the developer... HTML Special Characters and Codes

I don't know about you, but it seems as though recently I am looking to use one of these special HTML characters and can never seem to find a complete list.. I have decided to go ahead and put them here for all (and myself, of course) to use. They should display correctly in all the latest versions of the major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and even Internet Explorer 7+.  You may not see the symbol when using the corresponding code in WYSIWIG editors such as Dreamweaver but they will work in the browsers.

As for older browser comaitibility, they should worl as long as you use the correct font-family: "Arial unicode MS", Arial, Geneva, sans-serif

Some symbols display slightly differently in different browsers, but the symbol itself should be recognizable as described.

My Trials of Windows 8 & the New Metro Start Screen

I have recently taken a tour of the Developer Preview of Windows 8. All in all, the experience was familiar to Windows 7. The biggest (and currently hotly debated) addition is the new Metro Start Screen. For those of you whom don't know, it is essentially a new start menu. Instead of seeing a menu popup near the start orb, you now are greeted with a full screen app launching platform. In many aspects, it's very similar to the Wii menu. Quite a change, but I could find myself getting used to it.


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