Windows 8 Machines Debut at Computex 2012

In Taipei, Taiwan, Computex 2012 has started. Computex is an International Information Technology Show held annually in Taipei and this year manufacturers are eagerly showing off their new Windows 8 machines. Acer, ASUS, and MSI are just a handful of companies that will attempt to sway customers with a brand new Windows 8 desktop, laptop, tablet or some innovative hybrid. Here are some of the more compelling products, in no particular order:

Windows 8 Killing Aero?

Aero is the codename for the “glass” effects and other UI. Originally designed and created back in 2003, Aero was seen as a major step forward in the user interface for Windows. Aero was first seen in Vista then greatly refined in Windows 7, but now Microsoft is killing Aero. Gone will be  the transparency effects, glows, reflections and all the “glassy” niceness. And the real reason they’re doing this might surprise you.

Confirmed: Windows 8 will have 4 editions

It's now been officially announced and confirmed. Windows 8 is the official name for the next version of Windows and will feature four editions: Windows 8, Windows 8 PRO, Windows RT (Windows on ARM or WOA), and Windows 8 Enterprise. There will also be a language-only edition for China and emerging markets.

Windows 8 in October 2012 [UPDATED]

As rumored in my previous article Microsoft (MSFT) will indeed complete its work on Windows 8 by the end of this summer and have it ready and shipped for consumption in October so says inside sources.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Report [UPDATED]

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Evaluation Copy. Build 8250Today Microsoft has just released the Consumer Preview, a.k.a. beta, to the world. Anyone willing to give it a test run can get a legal copy here. I was not the only one thrilled for the chance to view all of the new updates and changes Microsoft has made since the Developer Preview. The new Metro screen is still the main focus of change and you can read what I had to say about it here. My experience was overall good but a bit of a rollercoaster as I explored the new layout and features. Here is my quick look at the upcoming OS from Microsoft.

I installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview [Win8CP] on a virtual machine using VirtualBox. Everything was sleek, smooth and what you would expect from a typical Windows install. Select your drive to install, enter your product key, etc.

Zend releases PHP 5.3.9 - Fixes DoS issues

The developers of PHP have released PHP 5.3.9. It adds the ability to limit the number of parameters in a HTTP request. This will fix a denial of service attack which was demonstrated at the 28th Chaos Communication Congress. This flaw made hash collisions possible and could force a system to spend much more CPU time reordering hashed data structures. With the new max_input_vars directive, administrators can set this to a suitable low value and prevent the triggering of this exploit. This update also fixes an interger overflow when processing EXIF headers in JPEG files preventing this DoS exploit.

New Year, New Kernal

Last week a new Linux kernal was released. The major improvements are a boost to the Ext4 filesystem block size from the traditional 4KB to 1MB.

"This adds supports for bigalloc file systems," Linux kernel developer Ted Ts'o wrote in his initial code commit. "It teaches the mount code just enough about bigalloc superblock fields that it will mount the file system without freaking out that the number of blocks per group is too big."

Seagate's Buyout of Samsung's HDD Business - Completed

At a cost of $1.4 Billion, Seagate completed its purchase of Samsung's hard disk drive division. Samsung has sold its hard drive assets including infrastructure and employees to Seagate. Back in 2005, Seagate bought Maxtor for $1.9 Billion dollars. While the Maxtor purchase wasn't wildly successful it did not stop Seagate from the Samsung HDD purchase. Seagate release a press announcement on the matter,

PECL UploadProgress Installation and troubleshooting

Having trouble installing PECL uploadprogress? I was...I followed every bit advice to the letter and nothing seemed to help. The installation appeared to install correctly and without any errors. Yet uploadprogress would not show up on any php_info() commands. Also, under Reports in Drupal 7, it didn't say it was enabled and kept recommending to install it. Even upon a re-install, PECL said it was already installed thus it failed.

Time For a New Video Card [UPDATED]

Recently I built a new computer. This monster rig sports a core-i7 and 16GB ram along the rest of the offerings you would expect from a moderately priced self build. At that time (months ago), I decided to skip on a new video card. My reasoning behind this was pretty simple and practical. My 8800GT still worked great! Besides, my days of hardcore gaming were a thing of the past.


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