Get email Notifications From an HP Smart Array Raid Controller on Ubuntu

I have an older HP Proliant server with Ubunut 14.04 installed. I switched from using mdadm to the onboard P400 Smart Array Controller for my raid setup. I needed a way to get notifications out whenever drive failure occurs. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then this is what you do:


You need a mail server running. Something like postfix and mailutils will work: sudo apt-get install postfix mailutils



Getting the HP Proliant tools:

First, you need to get the command line tool from hp. The old command-line tool was hpacucli. but that has been replaced with hpssacli. The easiest way to get that tool, and others is to edit your /etc/apt/sources.list and add:

deb trusty  current/non-free

Then run, sudo apt-get update

followed by, sudo apt-get install hpssacli

The command-line tool has a bit of a learning curve, but it's really not that bad once you understand the syntax.

Type sudo hpssacli to get started. You can then find your slot number using this command: => ctrl all show


Email Script

Once you have the tool installed you can create a script such as that can check the status of your array(s). This will generate an html email whenever it detects an issue.


SLOT="2"      # Your controller slot number
ARRAY=( "A" "B" )     # Your array letters. If you have only one: ARRAY=( "A" )
EMAIL=""  # You can put your e-mail address here

# This function is called if checks don't pass. Send e-mail.
    echo "<h3>$SUBJECT</h3>"
    echo "<small>Check date: "
    echo $(date +"%F %T%:::z")
    echo "</small><hr>"
    echo "<p><strong>Controller Status:</strong><hr>"
    echo "<pre>"
    hpssacli ctrl slot=$SLOT show
    echo "</pre></p>"

    echo "<p><strong>Array Status:</strong><hr>"
    for i in "${ARRAY[@]}"
        echo "<pre>"
        hpssacli ctrl slot=$SLOT array $i show
        echo "</pre>"
    echo "</p>"

    echo "<p><strong>Physical Drives:</strong><hr>"
    echo "<pre>"
    hpssacli ctrl slot=$SLOT physicaldrive all show
    echo "</pre>"
    echo "<p><strong>Physical Drive Details:</strong><hr>"
    echo "<pre>"
    for DRIVE in $(hpssacli ctrl slot=$SLOT physicaldrive all show | grep physicaldrive | awk '{ print $2 }')
      hpssacli ctrl slot=$SLOT physicaldrive $DRIVE show
    echo "</pre></p>"
  } | mail -s "$(echo -e "$SUBJECT\nContent-Type: text/html")" $EMAIL

# Check that there's a line saying 'Controller Status: OK' etc.
hpssacli ctrl slot=$SLOT show status \
  | grep -q 'Controller Status: OK'  \
  || Notify "Smart Array CONTROLLER FAILURE at $(hostname)"

hpssacli ctrl slot=$SLOT show status \
  | grep -q 'Cache Status: OK'       \
  || Notify "Smart Array CACHE FAILURE at $(hostname)"

hpssacli ctrl slot=$SLOT show status       \
  | grep -q 'Battery/Capacitor Status: OK' \
  || Notify "Smart Array BATTERY FAILURE at $(hostname)"

hpssacli ctrl slot=$SLOT array $ARRAY show \
  | grep -q 'Status: OK' \
  || Notify "Smart Array ARRAY FAILURE at $(hostname)"

# This is for testing:
#Notify "This is a test"


Then setup this script in a cron to run as often as you like, like every 4 hours. Don't forget to chmod +x your script!

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