Windows 8 Machines Debut at Computex 2012

Posted by on June 5, 2012

In Taipei, Taiwan, Computex 2012 has started. Computex is an International Information Technology Show held annually in Taipei and this year manufacturers are eagerly showing off their new Windows 8 machines. Acer, ASUS, and MSI are just a handful of companies that will attempt to sway customers with a brand new Windows 8 desktop, laptop, tablet or some innovative hybrid. Here are some of the more compelling products, in no particular order:


"Taichi", named after an ancient Chinese martial art which encourages the practice of flexibility and promotes circulation. This laptop uses a swivel hinge to convert this ultra-thin laptop to a tablet. Available in 11.6-inch and a 13.3-inch, each will sport a blazing Intel Core-i7 (quad-core) processor, 4 GB of DRAM, an SSD, dual-cameras, mini-DVI, mini-VGA, 802.11n wifi, USB 3.0 (x2). and a back-lit keyboard. Unfortunately no pricing is currently available.


II. Acer Aspire 7600U/5600U

A 27-inch all-in-one desktop machine. This computer has 1080p screen and includes Dolby Home Theater surround sound. More impressive, is the 64 point, simultaneous contact touch screen. The smaller 23-inch version (5600U) debuts as one of the thinnest all-in-one PCs around. No pricing was found for either model.

Acer 7600U AiO

III. MSI Slider S20

The MSI Slider S20 can slide open and convert to from a tablet to a notebook, similarly to the ASUS EeePad Slider. The downside is this makes it slightly thicker, but easily overlooked for the major advantage of not having to carry a separate keyboard with you. The MSI Slider S20 features an Intel Ivy Bridge processor and has a nice 11.6-inch screen size.

MSI Slider S20

IV. Acer Iconia W700

The ICONIA W700 is a tablet running Windows 8 featuring an 11.6-inch (1920x1080) display. When coupled with its cradle, the ICONIA comes across as a nice personal multimedia unit or useful for other presentational purposes. The dock can be used in a horizontal, or landscape view, or a vertical, or portrait view. Information about its internal components is still unknown.

Acer Iconia W700

V. Transformer Books

Last but certainly not least, ASUS added a few new models to its veteran Transformer line. Featuring detachable screens, these Transformer Prime "laplets" will be available in 11.6-, 13, and 14-inch screen sizes. These new Transformers will feature Ivy Bridge Intel Core processors with 4 GB RAM, much like the TAICHI. Also, like many quality tablets, front and back digital cameras will be present. Rumor is, these may sport a discrete graphics card and just might be able to dual-boot Windows 8 and Google's Android OS.

ASUS Transformer Book

Whether you love Windows 8 and the new Metro or not, one thing is certainly clear -- manufacturers are sold on the new versatility of Windows 8. From new visions of convertible laptops, innovative tablets to new touch-screen all-in-ones, everyone will have something to look forward to later this year when Windows 8 ships.

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